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Product Olive Oil Grace Monica Sonnobello
Price $2,699 $2,199 $1,399 $799
  • Organic Cotton treated with Olive Oil microcapsules deliver vitamins to the skin for rejuvenation and flawless softness
  • Ultra-Comfort System layers 3 premium foams for superior comfort and thermoregulation
  • Jumbo Springs System provides multi-zoned intelligence, perfectly adapting to and supporting every body type
  • Dual-sided mattress helps you sleep comfortably during every season
  • Natural foams paired with our Sensitive Pocket Springs System provide dynamic support and pressure relief
  • 3-D Breathable System promotes the lateral flow of air, reducing the accumulation of moisture and proliferation of mites
  • Luxury Foam mattress layers natural and innovative foams, offering strong support and premium comfort
  • Silver Fiber treated fabric provides antimicrobial, anti-odor, antistatic, and thermoregulating benefits
  • Breathable band facilitates breathability and prevents moisture buildup for improved hygiene
  • Two Premium Foams coupled with hypoallergenic padding keeps you comfortable all night
  • The Sensitive Springs System provides dynamic support, relieving aches and pains
  • Breathable band facilitates airflow and prevents moisture buildup for improved hygiene



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